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Ninja(Tracie Lovett) and Pitbull(Amy Danner) are avid and committed supporters of the local music scene. They both decided to start The Fyre and Ice Show to give bands another outlet for their music to be heard.

This show is full of current events locally and abroad, interviews, rant sessions, and most importantly YOUR MUSIC!!!

If you would like your music showcased on the show, then feel free to send your music to

Let your notes be heard!! It doesn't matter if you are original or cover, it doesn't matter if your music is live audio or recorded tracks. We want to share your tunage with the masses.

Ninja and Pitbull are also available to do interviews at your live shows that can be broadcast onThe Fyre and Ice Show. Just let us know and give us details about your show.

You can now hear The Fyre and Ice Show EVERY Tuesday night from 8-10PM EST on Neue Regel Radio.

We work with an amazing staff at Neue Regel Radio that believe there is nothing like sharing the music bad assery with the masses!!!!! We are so honored to be a part of this awesome radio family!!!

Check out the station right here:

The Fyre and Ice Show is a weekly show w/Ninja & Pitbull emphasizing the importance of supporting your local music scene and playing your tunage.

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